About EPIC


This is my story

At EPIC I strive to create engaging and elegant mobile applications for iOS devices, be they utilities, games or prototypes, no challenge is too big and no app is too small if the aim is to deliver maximum standards to my users around the world.

I believe in Apps that not only work well, but have a compelling user experience and can draw user attention through the smart use of aesthetic, gamification and narrative interfaces. I see mobile app development as an art form akin to storytelling, not just a form of engineering. After all, who wants just bland, functional software these days?

This is why I have made EPIC

I don’t want to write apps.
I want to write compelling, charming and driven stories.
And each story must be an epic in its own right.

I encourage you to follow my blog updates for the latest news on developments, insights, tutorials, code samples and general discussions. I invite you to help us make this story together with me.


Danny Bravo
Director & Founder @ EPIC
19th April 2015