Donations keep me going.

At EPIC I manage a small independent company striving to offer developers and users around the world with high quality apps, tutorials and source code. I do this because I love what I do.

I enjoy the freedom to explore ideas and the independence to stand my own ground. I love it so much my greatest aspiration is to do it full-time, all the time, for you.

If you like reading my posts or find my tutorials useful (or at least entertaining), and can support me with a small donation to help me kickstart this company, I will be very grateful for your patronage and will continually show this by striving to create better content for my users. No amount is too small, and if it’s not in your means, then no love is lost.


My humblest thank you for your consideration, and for being a part of EPIC in the first place.

Danny Bravo
Director & Founder @ EPIC
19th April 2015