Ready… Set… Xcode! Annex 1: General project architecture… Explained.

A more detailed explanation for the architecture diagram referred to in “Ready… Set… Xcode!”.

On my first blog post, “Ready… Set… Xcode!“, we spoke about a general project architecture that is common to standard iOS Apps (note that architecture for games can be considerably more complex).

Here is a copy of the diagram to refresh our memory:Untitled drawing As you can see, in the middle we have the one design pattern to rule them all: the MVC pattern, roughly taking around 70% of the entire application’s architecture. A brief explanation of the components in this diagram follows: BASE (what you get for free):

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Ready… Set… Xcode!

As is common in every app development cycle, there comes a time when we must start setting up a project.

This normally involves mundane and boilerplate tasks such as setting up folder structures, linking up the project to the right third party libraries (if needed) and adding reusable extensions/categories/classes from earlier projects that we have grown an affection towards or have become fully dependant on. Depending on your ability, how meticulous and orderly you are with these kind of things, your team size, the project size and how important an understanding of the overall architecture is for you as developer (very important), this can take you anywhere from a couple of hours to (hopefully not more than) a day. Depending on how many applications you work on during the course of your career, these times add up to considerable numbers (make the maths in your head and cringe).

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